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Why do we need a new church building?

Every building has a shelf life and the current building is ageing fast. It is too hot or too cold in different seasons, is overcrowded for the children's ministry and does not have an inviting frontage. Moreover, it is our belief that a new building with purpose built spaces will encourage more growth and help us continue gospel ministry into the next generation.

Why are we building flats?

Including the residential units offsets some of the development costs enabling us to create a bigger church building. Without the residential units we would not be able to deliver a scheme that is both appropriate and affordable.

Can I get involved practically?

There will be lots of opportunities throughout the project for the church family to get involved and there will be different times when we will ask for volunteers. If you would like to offer a specific service to help the team please email: building@dundonald.org

What is BftF?

Building for the Future (BftF) is Dundonald Church's project for a new church building. The current building however is becoming crowded with insufficient space for our various groups both on Sundays and mid-week. Furthermore, the building itself is in need of significant renovation.

What does Dundonald Church believe?

Dundonald Church a growing and diverse church family sharing life and learning from the Bible how to love God, love each other and love our neighbours in London today. Our VISION is to grow DISCIPLES Jesus Christ said, “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28) So our goal is to grow disciples (followers) from all nations for Him… We want to be like the crew of a lifeboat serving the needs of others rather than passengers on a cruise ship concerned for their own comfort: To find out more, please visit our church website here.


What happens if construction costs rise during the project?

The development model results in the developer taking all the risk of construction costs rising.  The Church's contribution would not increase.

Can we afford the mortgage?

The increased mortgage does of course increase our operating costs. The church leadership have considered this to be ‘in budget planning and forecasting’ and feel it is both appropriate and affordable. 

What has happened to the £3.2m pledged by the church family?

The money pledged by the church has not been used and will not be touched until the final approval for the project is given (July 2019). To date, all project costs including the planning and design costs have been covered by money given by the church elders.

How much will the project cost in total?

The total cost of the project is still being worked out as there are a number of variables.

Will Dundonald own any of the flats?

For ministry purposes it would be a great advantage to own 1/2 flats. However, Dundonald are not currently planning to own any flats, subject to the final project costs.

Can I buy one of the flats for my own use/for use by the church?

Yes! It would be a great help to the project to pre-sell flats. Similarly, buying and then leasing a flat for church use is also a significant help to support the ongoing mission and ministry of Dundonald. If you would like to know more please email: building@dundonald.org

Social Engagement/Responsibility

How will the new building serve the local community?

First and foremost, by facilitating and hosting gospel ministry so that people can hear the good news of Jesus in a language and a context that meets them where they are. As with The Factory (only with more space and better facilities) we will continue to use our building to serve many different groups (parents & toddlers, senior citizens, young workers, families, singles, internationals, the bereaved, the hurting and the vulnerable) by providing a safe and welcoming space for friendship, questions and engagement with the gospel.

We hope that a more welcoming frontage as well as better facilities within the building will be a powerful combination. We also hope to continue providing a space for friends in the community including: Blood Donations, Local Counsellors, Local Police and other groups.

Will the building be able to be used for other "community" uses during the week?

Absolutely. The building design is flexible and we hope the facilities will be used for a variety of community purposes including our current outreach with Bunnies, Seniors’ Teas, blood donations, polling stations etc.

As in the current building, the church facilities are likely to be very well utilised supporting our ministry programmes and are therefore unlikely to be available for private hire for parties and events.

What are we doing during the build to ensure the project doesn't become a local nuisance?

We always want to be good neighbours and so we'll take this issue very seriously. Much of it will be down to the contractors who will need to comply with industry regulations for considerate construction. We will work closely with them to ensure that the build phase of the project is completed as quickly and as quietly as possible. Jo Moss is heading up the community engagement aspect of BftF and will organise regular meetings with neighbours to ensure we are aware of, and able to address, any problems.

Where will we park at the new building?

When we return to Kingston Road we want to continue to be good neighbours as part of our witness to the community. As a result, we would like to encourage everyone to travel to the church using sustainable forms of transport if possible. There are a number of ways of getting to the church including: walking, cycling and public transport. If you need to drive, do consider our neighbours when parking. Please park on the Church side of the Kingston Road and not on the far side, outside the shops or down any of the Apostles. A few parking spaces are also available on a Sunday on the forecourt of the neighbouring business, PAG.
If you need to drive, do consider our neighbours when parking. Please park on the Church side of the Kingston Road and not on the far side, outside the shops or down any of the Apostles. A few parking spaces are also available on a Sunday on the forecourt of the neighbouring business, PAG. There is also the option of 'Park and Walk'.

Will there be any parking space outside the new building?

There will be very limited parking outside the new building, the majority of which will be designated for blue badge holders.

There will be a number of cycle racks outside the front of the new church building. There will also be separate cycle racks inside the residential entrance for the flats.

Time Out

Will all current ministries be able to continue during the time out?

The Ministry Leaders are currently making plans for their ministries during the construction period. As we will not have a permanent facility, it is unlikely that all current ministries will be able to run as they do now. Some may have to meet in a different form and others, unfortunately, may not be able to take place at all. We always knew that this would be one of the difficulties during the time out but we trust that God will provide us with new and different opportunities as we meet in our temporary venues.

The Ministry Leaders and their teams will be responsible for letting you know the plans for the time out.


When can we realistically plan to be back in the building?

The current plan is to return to the Kingston Road site in Summer 2021. As we are in the early stages of the project it is not possible to give a more exact date. We will keep the church family and local residents regularly informed of the progress of the building project.

What happens if there are delays in completing the building?

Whilst we are planning to return in Summer 2021 we will monitor progress closely and if necessary we will defer our return to the new building for as long as is needed and extend our stay in our temporary locations.

When will we be moving out of the Factory?

God willing, we plan to move out of the current building at the start of September 2019.

What are the key timings for the development of the new Church building?

The key milestones in the project are as follows:
- Final approval to proceed: July 2019
- Appointment of building construction contractor: July 2019
- Move out of the current building: September 2019
- Return to the new building: Summer 2021


What is being built?

By the grace of God, we received planning permission from the London Borough of Merton in October 2017. That permission includes:
the demolition of the existing church building; and
the erection of a five-storey building.

The church facilities will be located on the bottom two floors and part of the third and flats will be on the top three floors.

What will the new buildling look like?

The outside of the new building will look like: To see the internal layout, click here.

Will there be disabled access?

The new building will be wheelchair friendly. There will be step-free access to meeting rooms, a wheelchair accessible toilet and a lift to the upper floors.

What are the key features of the new building?

The new church building will incorporate:

A purpose-built auditorium with a U-shaped balcony on the first floor with an increased capacity of approximately 650.

Multi-purpose spaces over three floors especially designed for the wide range of ministries we operate. The spaces include halls on the ground, first and second floors which will be used for kids & youth work on Sundays and training and evangelistic events during the week (eg. playgroups, Marriage Matters courses, English conversation, Seniors’ Teas etc.).

A media suite (recording/film studio and video editing) and a counselling space.

Purpose-built offices and meeting spaces for both Dundonald and Co-Mission (our church planting initiative).

What space is being provided for Kids & Youth?

The new building will have multi-purpose spaces over three floors especially designed for the wide range of ministries we operate. The halls on the ground, first and second floors will subdivide using purpose-built soundproof partition doors in order to provide rooms for all our kids & youth groups on Sundays. The main auditorium and the halls on the ground floor and the first floor will also be available for kids and youth meetings on other days, e.g. Friday night socials.

What will the capacity of the new building be?

The main hall will seat approximately 650 people.

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