About Green Pastures

Green Pastures has been chosen as the development partner for BftF. The team has been working closely with them over the past few months and will continue to throughout the entirety of the project.

Who are Green Pastures?


Green Pastures is a national Christian social enterprise. Its prayer is that as the body of Christ we can end homelessness in the UK and see hundreds of thousands of people following Jesus. Green Pastures buys property for churches and Christian charities so that it can reach out and house the homeless in their area. Through its network of over 65 partners (churches and Christian charities), it houses and cares for 1000+ people in the UK.

Green Pastures also, as in in the case for BftF, acts as a development partner. Green Pastures will manage the construction of the new building and all the contractors that are required. 


Green Pastures has been operating since 1997 and has acquired significant experience in that time in a broad range of commercial and residential projects.. One such example is its development with St Marks' Church, Barking.













In partnership with St Marks' Church, Barking, The Berkley Foundation and London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) Green Pastures completed on 59 new homes (Marksgate) in Spring 2016 in one of the most deprived boroughs in England. 56 units are affordable homes provided by LBBD. Green Pastures retained 3 units that are being used in partnership with St Marks church to house church workers and the needy. As part of this development the church received a brand new facility including a community kitchen and a multi-purpose hall. The development also enabled Green Pastures to create a dowry that allowed the church to recruit individuals that will help the church progress and impact the community. 

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